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April 2006 Volume 8 , Issue 4 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

1) If you sat a religious fundalmentalist & a nudist together would you notice which one is more obessed with sex? I would say the religious folk are as they keep attempting to keep sex in a sanitized box. If an activity, especially sex, is constantly considered taboo, it just adds an extra magnetic appeal for people to indulge in it. I'm not ignoring the sad effects of prostitution, porn, STI's or rape on people & society, but is sexual activity between consenting adults being over regulated? If the sex urge is shut tight inside for too long & denied proper outlets, it does more harm than good to a person.

2) Sometimes I wonder what happens to old radio & TV signals. Do they eventually fade out after circling the atmosphere for a few years? Or do they travel throughout the Universe until picked up by an alien antenna? What would they think of a civilization that has TV shows like the average sitcom, "reality" shows or "pro" wrestling? They might think we're a few marbles short in the ability to think.

3) Two expressions that puzzle me is "going to the dogs" & "humans share a common ancestor with the apes". What did dogs & apes do to deserve this? Maybe they should sue us for libel & slander.

4) One thing I've noticed is the lack of skin blemishes in the pictures of swimsuit models. There must be some good air brushing in the dark room as these pictures are really a distorted perception of what beauty really is.

5) The only reason the good old days seem better than the present is the amount of time a person spends in editing those thoughts.

6) Here is a couple of double standards to ponder. When a woman flirts with a man, she's considered a cougar. But if a man flirts with a woman, there is a chance it will be considered inappropriate conduct. But on the other hand, if a man gets loads of sex he is considered to be a stud. But when a woman gets a lot of sex, she is considered a slut.

7) A couple verses from Gennesis has me asking some questions. One is the Bible's opening line which goes "In the beginning, God created the Heavens & the Earth." Beginning indicates a starting point in history. Now if God is eternal, where was God & what was God doing prior to this starting point? The second verse is when God the Father & God the Son is mentioned. How does one go from Father to Son without a Mother? Since organized religion is supposed to be big on family values, why isn't God the Mother mentioned?

8) How many times have you heard a person complaining about Monday? They say they rather have Monday as a day off as opposed to having Saturday off. But how long would it be before the same people complain about Tuesday they do about Monday now?

9) I think I'll buy yesterdays newspaper today & read tomorrow.

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Features -- April 2006 -- Beginning Month Issue