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September 2006 Volume 8 , Issue 8 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

UFO believers are regarded as a flaky bunch while religious leaders & followers are generally thought of as outstanding citizens. There are times I beg to differ.

In a universe with countless stars and planets, UFO enthusiasts believe some of them could very well have advanced life forms with technology that is beyond ours. I agree, for to say Earth is the only inhabited planet is pretty vain and arrogant. Yet for many centuries religious fundamentalists pushed the viewpoint that Earth was the center of the Universe. To disagree with the party line was to be subject to torture until one recanted of their "heresy".

I think most UFO sightings are new types of aircraft being given test runs and I won't believe in alien abduction tales until it happens to me. I'd rather listen to accounts of UFO sightings by highway patrol officers, military or civilian air pilots, Greyhound bus drivers and those in similar occupations where the powers of observation is highly developed.

The UFO world has its share of the fringe element but the claims of religious fundamentalists are just as absurd. To believe in literal accounts of virgin births, the resurrection story and so on at face value is not wise. Searching for the truth is a difficult thing to do but we as a species, can no longer be willing to be suckered into believing anything and everything. Accepting things on faith without looking at the evidence is being set up to being led down the garden path by some spin doctor.

To focus on the messenger instead of listening to the message is little more than falling into the cult of celebrity worship. Too bad organized religion has become part of the establishment. It could be better served by being a place where one could come to develop a heightened sense of spiritual awareness.

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Features -- September 2006 -- Beginning Month Issue