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February 2007 Volume 9 , Issue 2 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

Calgary Alberta's Dose Magazine made mention that the Da Vinci Code suggested Mary Magdalene was a scapegoat vilified by the Church. How many of us, including the religious, have met Mary Magdalene in the flesh to know whether the Church's accusation is true? Getting to know someone over a period of time is the only way to do it. Historical documents, in this case from 2000 years ago, just doesn't cut it because stories get distorted over time. It's bad enough when Person A starts a message in a crowded room and tells Person B to pass it along. By the time the original message gets back to Persons A and B, it will be completely distorted from what it started off as.

From the same issue of Dose Magazine, it was stated that a church in Kansas blamed the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq on the acceptance of gays in the USA. With an attitude like this, I think churches better look at themselves on why their pews aren't filled like they used to be. To believe in biblical standards is fine if that is what a person chooses but using condemnation does little to uplift the human spirit up to the next level. The blame game has been played since the dawn of man. From Judas Iscariot to Yoko Ono to Bill Buckner of the 85 Red Soxs, the individual has been singled out to be a scapegoat by the tribal mentality in our society. Each of us is responsible for the decisions we make in our lives but how many of us blame someone or something else when things go wrong?

We're in control of what we experience. The difference between being in a mental prison or paradise is the choices we make. If others experiences were respected, we'd create a pleasant reality. We need to break down barriers between people not construct more. One thing is to find solutions to deal with problems and to remove the causes that problems create, not just deal with the symptoms. Some want to rid one system of control and mental prisons with their own version of control and prison mentality. Part of the answer to this is to love and respect ourselves first and others second.

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Features -- February 2007 -- Mid Month Issue