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May 2007 Volume 9 , Issue 5 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

Religious fundalmentalists don't seem to like to having anyone cut into their powerbase. Having had the spiritual marketplace to themselves for a couple of millinial, it is to wonder why fundalmentalists don't want to share the limelight with other groups. Since I believe that the Universal Spirit doesn't prefer any individual or group over another, I ask why some believers feel more worthy of God's blessings over others. If anyone cares to disagree with my last remark, read the second chapter of James before bombarding me with useless information.

Fundalmentalists must suffer from a lot of free floating anxiety. I've noticed a lot of paranoia and hatred for anyone they consider to be different. Plus the egos involved could be regarded as super sized. As a result they sound a lot like other groups over history that are swayed to channel their anger on those that don't fit into their narrow viewpoint on what ought and should be. In an unconscious manner, fundalmentalists project what they don't like about themselves onto others.

It is to try to visualize what kind of world fundalmentalists have planned for us. Would it resemble either nightmare as described in Orwell's "1984" or Margaret Atwood's "A Handmaids Tale"? Imagine a world where say Christians are the privileged class and non-Christians can do as they please as long as they keep their mouths shut and keep their place in the lower rungs of society. It would be interesting to find out how much of a spin or revisionist history is mixed in with fundalmentalist beliefs.

Over the last few years a fair number of megachurches have sprouted up. I call them Big Box Churches because they remind me of Wal-Mart and similar businesses.When something becomes that large they have a tendency to become a "your one stop for everything" type of establishment.The more people that use these "services", the more likely the smaller places will close their doors for good. Just as much as I hate to see the ma and pa stores go out of business, I don't like to see the small churches close up shop where the individual means more.

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Features -- May 2007 -- Mid Month Issue