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June 2007 Volume 9 , Issue 6 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

Cynics ask if anything works these days like it's supposed or used to. Older people remind the younger generation how much better things were in the old days. But the only reason the good old days seem better than the present is the amount of time spent in editing those thoughts. It's too easy to get caught in a comfortable rut otherwise known as a routine.

Modern technology was to have created more leisure but actually created more work to do in a shorter period of time. Faxes, email, pagers, cell phones, if not used wisely, can have us accessed by communication 24/7. The Inter-Net when used properly can be a useful tool to gather lots of information in a short time span. But it can be addictive as one can be who they want, when they want in discussion boards and chat rooms.

There has been a huge increase in media outlets in recent years but has there been more real news and variety of ideas? One can surf through dozens of TV channels only to find there are no more good shows than when there were just a few channels available. It may give the illusion of more choices but these choices lack any significant differences.

How many people are getting numbed out and dumbed down therefore getting trapped in dull lives devoid of creative thinking? As people do more activity of questionable stimulation, they become less capable of in depth thinking. People have to learn how to think as opposed to being told what to think.

When one drains off the color and turns down the volume from the human condition they see what things are pretty much all about. Things look much more realistic in the cold white light of dawn. We humans do things without asking why we do them or wonder what the consequences are. Why don't we ask where we come from and where we are going?

How many errands boys are there in low and middle management? Is organized religion run by prophets or profits? Business is controlled by mega rich corporations with little more in mind than increasing their already huge profit margin I heard that a real cynic is a CEO type who sees his company making $375 million in profits, then makes huge layoffs so the company can make $400 million in profits.

I wonder how much longer we can go in the way we are doing things. It seems pointless to keep going in the same old same old. Either we tap into a higher state of consciousness or I hate to see what kind of station we get off at the end of the line.

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Features -- June 2007 -- Mid Month Issue