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March 2008 Volume 10 , Issue 3 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

"Frisbeetariansim is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck." - George Carlin

I just like to know how much money Organized Religion brings in a year. And from the sound of it most of it is tax free. How much of this tax free money goes to legitimate purposes and how much goes into an individuals pocket would be interesting to find out. One remembers Jim and Tammy Bakker with the lavish lifestyle they kept up as a result of their ministry. It was the lack of modesty in the Bakker's life I found incredible.

Now it's the New Age spirituality that's raking in the big bucks in the last few years. For a price anyone can get their palm read, horoscope cast, tarot cards shuffled and psychic predictions for the future told. Famed psychic Sylvia Browne charges several hundred dollars for her readings. But what do you get for your money? A lot of risk and probably not much in the way of direct hits.

Ten years ago I took part in a psychic reading that was part of a free initial reading. Wondering if just enough information would be given out so I would be hooked in coming back for more details, but this wasn't the case as I did get a couple of predictions that were worthy of not. While most of what was to happen in my life was of no particular consequence, there were two that were quite detailed. One was of a very detailed description of a woman I was to marry the other being a major earthquake involving the west coast from Alaska to California. Well, I didn't meet the woman nor did the earthquake happen. So I guess a degree of skepticism is needed along with a degree of salt along with a wait and see attitude. The above two predictions were to have happened within two years of them being spoken. We're now eight years past the due date.

But I wonder just how many people base decisions on various forms of fortune telling. But can anyone honestly tell me how shuffling a deck of tarot cards can foretell how a person's life will turn out. Whey should anyone make a life decision based on what a psychic tells them? I have more faith in what real life teaches me. But if one does make a decision based on tarot, astrology or psychic forecasts and it doesn't pan out, don't come crying to me. You won't get any sympathy from me.

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Features -- March 2008 -- Mid Month Issue