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October 2005 Volume 7 , Issue 10 submit to us!

by Ron Murdock -- Contributing Author [Email This Story]

Dear What Ever God is in Charge This Day:

We ask of you, O Great One, with a minimum of sucking up from your followers, that our world be struck by sanity. We ask that our world leaders, bank/corporation CEO's, most politicans & religious fundamentalists be struck by reality. This way they will find out the hard way what most of us go through financially on a daily basis. Then maybe enough money will be loosened to create better employment opportunities, meet essential medical/dental needs & other necessities of life.

God? If you can perform all those miracles credited to you in the Bible, then with the latest technology you can wipe out everything in the above people's bank accounts, mutual funds & other financial assets. This should knock the smirks off their faces & put a dent in their condescending attitudes. Let them walk through the valley of darkness of a welfare office or the despair of a soup kitchen or food bank. Let thy collection agencies will be done.

Heavenly Father or Mother, let all racial supremacists be risen next morning with the skin colour of the race they depise the most. Thus they find out what real discrimination is. Humbly as we can, we ask that the "anointed ones" at the Catholic Church find themselves dealing directly with single mothers or over burdened families with more children they can afford or the parent who is paying a good chunk of his income for child support.

Thank you, Mighty God or Goddess, for having more patience than any one of us. We would have totally lost it long ago. Show us the path from our hard times so we don't feel so burdened on life's road.

All of this we ask of the Higher Powers in Charge of the Known & Unknown Universe.

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Features -- October 2005 -- Beginning Month Issue